Super-comfy sofa is threatening to turn our reporter into a lazy human being【Photos】

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It might be incredibly supportive, but it sucks the will to be productive right out of you.

Yogibo is an American sofa company that sells couch-sized bead chairs which are supposed to be some of the most comfortable things to sit on. When Yogibo broke into the Japanese market last year, we heard plenty of good things about them, but couldn’t justify replacing any of our furniture. Plus, rumors that the sofa would make you a “useless human being” didn’t sound like the kind of thing a proper working adult needed. However, when one of our staff members, P.K. Sanjun, needed to get a new sofa at home, it didn’t take much to convince him to buy this as a replacement.

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When he laid his eyes upon the 29,800-yen (US$275) Yogibo Max for the first time, it was clear that it was big enough to sleep on. The cover is made of a stretchy material and the inside is full of tiny beads that allow the sofa to conform to the shape of your body. As soon as P.K. lay down on it, he could tell he probably wasn’t going to move again for a while.

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The Yogibo doesn’t just lie on the floor though. You can put it upright and sit down on it like a chair. Surprisingly, it stays up pretty well and as it also does a great job at supporting your back, you could easily work at a computer or read a book in this position.

▼ Testing whether or not it’s possible to be productive.

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If you combine the Yogibo Max with the Yogibo Roll, it can really upgrade your seating arrangement. The roll, which costs 15,000 yen, can serve as a comfortable back rest or as a lengthy ottoman for your feet.

▼ It looks so comfortable.

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Just be careful though. Once you sit down, you’ll find it incredibly difficult to get back up again, so be sure you bring your laptop with you before you plop down. If P.K. happens to disappear from our site for a while, you’ll know he’s probably stuck vegging out on his new sofa…so send snacks.

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