Guys Reveal The 10 Types Of Sexy Pictures They Really Want You To Send Them

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If you're looking to spice things up in your relationship, there's probably nothing that'll do it faster than sending a hot picture.

Of course, thanks to technology, the idea of sending pictures can be scary. No matter how much you may love and trust your partner, you simply never know if they'll snap and leak your pictures to the whole internet. That's why it's super important to make sure you fully trust your partner before you send them a nude so you can minimize that risk as much as possible.

However! If you feel secure in your relationship, there's absolutely no reason why you should let the fear of technology stop you from getting your nude on. Sending pictures can be a really fun way to feel closer to your partner and let them know you're thinking about them.

Now, if you've never sent a hot picture before, it can be intimidating to figure out what would turn your guy on the most. You might even feel awkward and embarrassed when you start to take pictures in all these random poses you think are supposed to be “sexy.”

Well, rest assured, if your guy is attracted to you (and he obviously is), he'll accept just about any steamy picture you're willing to send him. But thanks to the lovely men of Reddit, here are 10 ideas to get you started:

1. Anything Unsolicited

The favorite kind?

Unsolicited. That's by far the best. A sexual "I'm thinking of you." Is great. Regardless of act (in most cases. Please don't DM me that gangbang you had with your RPG group.)

Also, change it up! Skimpy, nude, classical, a little leg, full body, pubic, private, whatever. Mix it up. Experiment with yourself. I like people who take initiative.

There's this one girl who would purposely send me a message when she knew I was in a meeting, just an all around fun tease. It varied greatly, from titties all mashed up together with her hands to a casual bikini camel toe, to her in a new sundress that I'm pretty sure she was commando in.

Random shit.


2. You In Your Sexiest Bathing Suit

See my user name? That's the best way to start. One piece, bikini, monokini, cut out, whatever you got in your closet is what I want to see you wearing. Preferably standing up in front of the mirror so I can get a full view of you. After that, feel free to roll down, pull aside, pull down, or take off whatever you like.


3. An “Ass In The Air Selfie”

Laying down on the a bed, nude, with ass in the air selfie.


4. Butts… Just Butts

Butt pics of any kind.


5. Something Where He Can Use His Imagination

Holding a towel that partially covers the goods while it invites me to imagine. Or her back turned revealing her ass in boyshorts.


6. Cleavage Pic With One Hand Down Your Pants

Cleavage and one hand down her pants.


7. Full Birthday Suit

Something where she is fully nude, preferably with her butt or shaved pubic area in view. Clothes (even skimpy ones) do nothing for me.


8. “Ass Out On The Bathroom Counter”

Ass on the bathroom counter, hand bra, full frontal, boobs with a lip bite, I like a nice mix up too tho.


9. You In Your Black Lace Bra

Had a girl in high school send me some pictures of her in a black lace bra during my senior year. She had the largest chest of all the senior girls so it was quite a treat. Those are definitely my favorite, especially when unsolicited and done especially for me.


10. A Chef Fantasy, Basically

on a Saturday them standing at the grill in an apron with the perfect burger and fries with a message that reads "this is for you when you come over" hot damn that get me going


Now get your phone out and start snapping!

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Guys Reveal The 10 Types Of Sexy Pictures They Really Want You To Send Them

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