Korean shopping site’s commercial series is brain-washing in more ways than one【Videos】

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If you need a zen moment to reset your brain, this might do the trick.

South Korea’s top shopping site, Gmarket, recently released a series of commercials which created quite the buzz amongst South Korean Internet users, thanks to its brain-eating combination of attractive faces, listless dance moves and addictive rhythm.

The series of commercials features popular K-pop idols Seol Hyun (AOA) and Hee Chul (Super Junior) expressionlessly dancing to perhaps the most hypnotizing beat we’ve heard all week, repeatedly hammering keywords like “hot, hot, hot” and “specials, specials, specials” into the depths of our minds.

See the rest of the series below! We take no responsibility if the beat gets stuck in your head, or if you get overcome by a sudden impulse to break into a dance.

▼ Chatter chatter chatter… Honey honey honey…

▼ Pretty pretty pretty… Plop plop plop…

▼ Cool cool cool… Good good good…

▼ Zing zing zing… Stiff stiff stiff…

Your ears might have picked up another keyword that is emphasized commonly throughout the series, 하드캐리 (pronounced “hadeukaeli”), which translates to “hard carry”, an online game-originated slang word which refers to one who “carries the team”. Or in this case, the one who takes the lead.

So it seems that Gmarket is out to take the lead in this year’s summer sales, which is probably awesome news for users of the online shopping website. For the rest of us, though, at least we’ve managed to pick up some Korean words which we might or might never ever get the chance to use.

Source, featured image: YouTube/GmarketZone (edited by SoraNews24)