Artist’s creepy versions of lovable characters makes our inner-child hide under the covers【Pics】

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Pikachu, Totoro, and more want to play. Don’t you want to play with them?

We’ve seen scary Japanese grammar nazis and cookies made in the shapes of outdated internet browsers (the horror!), but they don’t really compare to the actual terror of seeing your favorite anime characters suddenly turned into exactly what you thought was living in your closet as a kid.

Swedish tattoo artist Denis Carlsson has one of the most nightmare-inducing Instagram accounts we’ve ever seen. In addition to his own spine-chilling original creations, he’s transformed a bunch of happy anime/cartoon characters into hellscape versions of themselves.

Here’s a sample of some of his work:

▼ Pikachu used bite!
It was, uh, super effective at making the opponent run away.

Instagram Photo

▼ Hey, Totoro. Where’s Satsuki and Mei?
Last time we saw them, they were with you….

Instagram Photo

▼ Well, I think we found the reason why Eeeyore is so depressed.

Instagram Photo

▼ It’s Lilo and Stitch!
What do you mean you can’t see Lilo? Her foot is right there!

Instagram Photo

The wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers are wonderful things!
Their tops are made of SPIDERS! Their bottoms are made of SCORPIONS!

Instagram Photo

▼ In case you’re wondering how Denis goes about creating these monstrosities,
his YouTube channel has videos showing the entire traumatizing process.

We’ve only scratched the nail-biting surface of Denis’s work here, so be sure to check out his Instagram and YouTube channel if you want to see more. Just don’t blame us when your Pokémon and Totoro dreams turn to nightmares.

Source: Instagram/dctattoo_swe via ARTIST DATABASE
Featured image: Instagram/dctattoo_swe



KFC adds caramel macadamia frozen dessert drinks to menus in Japan to celebrate autumn

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Now menu item comes hot on the heels of McDonald’s Japan’s caramel shakes.

Rivalry can be a funny thing, as sometimes it can drive fierce competitors to adopt very similar tactics in an attempt to prove who’s better. Take, for example, McDonald’s and KFC, the two most famous fast food chains.

Just about a week ago, McDonald’s Japan added caramel shakes to its menu. And what is KFC set to start selling at the start of October? Its own caramel dessert drinks.

That said, this isn’t a case of the Colonel’s crew outright copying the house that Ronald built. KFC’s new item isn’t a milk shake, but part of its Krushers line of frozen beverages, like last spring’s green tea drinks were. KFC also one-ups McDonald’s in the fanciness department by topping the Krushers Caramel Crunch with a macadamia nut and caramel sauce, plus crumbled vanilla cookie bits, for some extra variety and texture.

The standard Krushers Caramel Crunch is priced at 350 yen (US$3.40), and select KFC locations will also be offering a premium version, which adds whipped cream to the topping list, for 480 yen. Both versions will be available for a limited, unspecified time and go on sale October 1, meaning you can try them back-to-back with McDonald’s caramel shake, which will be on sale until mid-October.

Source: Entabe
Top image: KFC Japan (edited by RocketNews24)



Check out Utada Hikaru’s unique 360-degree making-of video for her song “A Bouquet for You”

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It’s a “making of” video like you’ve never experienced before!

Yesterday was the magical day when Utada Hikaru‘s 8-year musical dry spell broke and the world was once again awash in her music.  Fans rejoiced and at this very moment, the album sits at #3 on the Apple Itunes chart. In conjunction with the release of the album, a new video was released for the song “Hanataba wo Kimi ni” (A Bouquet for You). However, this isn’t your typical music video; it isn’t even a typical “making of” music video! It’s a 360-degree video.

Huh? What does that even mean? Don’t worry, I asked the same thing as I stared dumbly at the video, wondering why it was of such poor quality and why nothing was happening. Then I noticed that my cursor had changed to a hand, the kind of hand that grabs and drags. Suddenly, I was in control and I began to understand exactly what makes this video so cool.

You see, YouTube actually started supporting 360-degree videos in March 2015, but they haven’t really caught on for a number of reasons, primarily related to things such as the cost of the equipment needed to make such a video. So, for those of us who are Utada Hikaru fans and were in the dark about the existence of 360-degree videos, the “Hanataba wo Kimi Ni” video is like a double-whammy of excitement-inducing experiences. Not only do we get to enjoy one of her songs from her latest album Fantôme, but we get engage with the video and see exactly what it looks like from her perspective as she’s making it and what the camera crew is doing to capture the best moments. In a way, we can act like a director, too, choosing which angles and whatnot to help the song achieve maximum emotional impact.

All in all, it’s something different and a little bit more fun that the usual music video. Check it out below and tell us what you think!

Source: KAI-YOU
Featured image: YouTube/Utada Hikaru
Image: Utada Hikaru



Weekend PSA: I Don’t Care That You’re Straight, You’re Still At Risk For HIV

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Why ‘I’m Single’ Shouldn’t Always Have To Mean ‘I’m Dating’

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The Guy Who Ghosted You Could Have Borderline Personality Disorder

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Beauty Blogger Took Her PSL Obsession A Little Too Far With This Nail Art

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I Rejected This Fuckboy For Being Homophobic And I’m So Glad I Did

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Why I Purposely Date Men Who Don’t Care About Me

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25 Spooky Nail Art Designs That Are Better Than Any Halloween Costume

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There’s a certain type of person who treats every day like it’s just a countdown to Halloween.

Luckily, after an entire year of Christmas decorations and summer cocktails, we’re finally nearing the creepy, rusty, itchy-scratchy holiday. After months of pretending like you don’t sing “This Is Halloween” in the shower, you’re finally free to embrace your inner freakshow.

And what better way to do it than with nail art?

Unlike polyester costumes (sexy poop emoji, anyone?) that cost a fortune, anyone with a steady hand can create their own scary nails.

Well, most of them.

Looking for a beauty look that will take you all the way ’til October 31? Halloween nail art is the way to go. Sit back, and admire the creativity of those who live and breathe crisp fall air and headless riders.

This is Halloween, after all.

Why not start with a Ouija board?

These nails are closer to your grandma’s sweater than any Halloween costume.

Are you getting scared yet?

Longer nails definitely help create more space for elaborate designs.

After all, how can you create a masterpiece on a tiny canvas?

Blacklight nails are a solid choice for partygoers.

Why lose your whole costume to the lighting?

In brisk fall weather, mood nails can make a statement.

But if you’re good with a paintbrush, there’s no reason not to go just plain cute with your designs.

Betches love sugar skulls.

But scarier is always better, in my humble opinion.

Evil cackling pumpkin, anybody?

Gore will also do just fine.

These Other Mother-like spikes speak to my soul.

Try to watch this haunted house transformation just once.




I don’t remember haunted houses being so metallic.

They’re mostly dark and full of horrors.

Would you try Halloween nail art, if it took a more lighthearted approach to the season?

Painting your nails this intricately is an exercise in pre-Halloween patience.

Why trick or treat when you can treat yourself?

25 Spooky Nail Art Designs That Are Better Than Any Halloween Costume

Credit: Women – Elite Daily


I’m A Single Girl Who Loves Trying On Wedding Dresses

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The first time I ever tried on a wedding dress, I was 22 years old and very, very single. I had never had a boyfriend, and the chance of me getting married that year (or the next) was confidently zero.

I was in the store to try on my very first bridesmaid’s dress for my cousin’s wedding. I should have just kept walking to that section. But I couldn’t take my eyes off of this one white wedding dress.

Standing right beside me was my mom, who (more than anything else) loved to talk to me about weddings, dating and when the heck I was going to get my act together and meet the man of my dreams.

My response was always that I was too busy trying to find the career of my dreams. Unfortunately, that didn’t make her smile as much as when I told her I had signed up for JDate.

But let’s get back to the dress. Before that moment, I had never planned what my future wedding dress would look like. I wasn’t the girl who daydreamed about her wedding or spent hours on Pinterest doing “research” for the future. I figured I’d just wear something white and call it a day.

Yet there I was, holding a silk, white dress, “oohing” and “ahhing” like I’d only done once before over a sequined number that was on sale at Alice + Olivia.

The sales associate came over and inspected my left hand for a diamond ring. She asked if I was looking for the bride or bridesmaid’s section. It was like she had some sort of sixth sense that was telling her I was hopeless in the love department.

My mom swooped in before I had the chance to come clean and admit that I was prematurely falling in love with a wedding dress before falling in love with the person whom I’d one day wear it for. She asked if I could try it on.

The next thing I knew, I was in a dressing room zipping on a sleek white, sheath dress with a sweetheart neckline. Its crisscrossed straps left much of my back exposed. It was the kind of dress that was both elegant and simple — it could pass as a wedding dress, but also as a dress you could wear to a gala (if I was ever invited to one).


I walked out of the dressing room to show my mom, and the second her eyes caught her little girl covered in white, she beamed with pure happiness. She hugged and kissed me, letting out tears of joy. It was as if this was the real deal.

It was an emotional moment — a premature one, sure — but beautiful at the same time. I loved the feeling of trying on a beautiful white wedding dress I couldn’t afford for a wedding I wasn’t really ready to have.

I need to start dating again, I thought. Because I’m pretty sure after this, my mom will be planning every other detail of my wedding, including who the guy will be.

I knew if I didn’t download some dating apps and go out on at least two dates a month, my mom would become my own personal matchmaker again. I wanted to avoid that as much as possible.

But overall, I loved sharing the experience with my mom and I had an urge to do this again.

Which is why I made it a tradition for myself.

From then on, whenever anyone asked me to be a bridesmaid and I had to go get a dress, I’d also go wedding dress shopping, too.

I’ve tried on almost every kind of wedding dress: Ball gowns that made me feel like a Disney princess, mermaid styles that made me feel like a Kardashian, plunging necklines that made me feel like I was exposing too much, long-sleeved ones that made me feel like I was exposing too little.

I became a wedding dress expert, trying on high-end designers like Vera Wang and Christian Siriano. I’d show up at David’s Bridal or Boca Bridal (when I was back home in Florida), and try on wedding dresses before heading to the polyester bridesmaid section.

I stopped caring whether or not people were questioning if I was actually getting married, because most people were there looking for the dress of their dreams. They didn’t have time to question whether or not I was too.

Why can’t a girl who is completely single have the experience of shopping for a severely overpriced dress that makes her feel like a princess when she twirls around in it?

I love trying on wedding dresses, not because I’m obsessed with the idea of getting married, but because I can’t think of a good enough reason to not.

That’s why I’ve tried on 20 beautiful wedding dresses, and I still own zero.

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I’m A Single Girl Who Loves Trying On Wedding Dresses

Credit: Dating – Elite Daily


How To Respond When Your Ex Texts You ‘Happy Birthday’ (Quiz)

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I just turned 26. Happy birthday to me! My day was going swimmingly when, all of a sudden, my phone buzzed. I looked down to see it was my ex texting me.

Yes, it was my ex with whom things didn’t exactly end on great terms. He sent me a “happy birthday” message.

I sat there trying to process it for a solid five minutes. I re-read the words over and over, as if re-reading them would change their meaning. Then, I decided I had to make a move.

But which move would be best? I had to consult my girl squad.

The thing about girl squads is, as reliable as they can be, each individual woman has her own opinion about what to do in situations like this. Some girlfriends told me not to respond at all, some told me to reply with a passive aggressive, one-word answer and some told me to wait a day and then decide.

I decided to respond, but it ended up opening Pandora’s Box (uh oh). We had a long conversation which inevitably ended in an unanswered text message (on my end). Basically, I found myself in a situation I really didn’t want to be in, all because my ex texted me.

It’s so hard to decide what to do because on the one hand, it’s kind of flattering when someone remembers your birthday (and wasn’t reminded by Facebook, mind you). But on the other hand, you don’t want to end up like me, who’s currently looking at a text back-and-forth that should have ended with me not answering him.

Now he has the upper hand, and I feel outright dumb. Maybe I should have listened to my girlfriends.

Let’s make sure you don’t make the same mistake, shall we? What should you do when your ex texts you “happy birthday?” Take this quiz to find out.

How To Respond When Your Ex Texts You ‘Happy Birthday’ (Quiz)

Credit: Dating – Elite Daily


How Having Accidental Anal Sex Turned Me Off From It Forever

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Sliding sea lion serenely soothes spectators at Japanese aquarium【Video】

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Aquariums can be a lot of fun for visitors, but on this day no one was having a better time than this adorable marine mammal.

Do animals really have a firm concept of entertainment? Sure, walk into any pet shop and you’ll find toys for dogs and cats, but most of them have some sort of relation to chasing, catching, or biting, all things which all have connections to hunting, and thus survival, instincts.

And yet, it’s hard to imagine any reason for this sea lion in Japan to be sliding back and forth on her tummy than because it’s having an incredible amount of fun.

As identified by video uploader @sumineko_L, that’s Risa, a California sea lion and resident of the Katsurahama Aquarium in Kochi Prefecture, on Japan’s island of Shikoku. Ordinarily, this part of Risa’s habitat is filled with water for her to swim about it, but the pool periodically has to be drained for cleaning, which is why it’s dry in the video. That doesn’t mean Risa has no reason to hang out there, though, and the aquarium’s official account even tweeted back that this is something she looks forward to every time the pool gets scrubbed.

She certainly seems to be having a great time, as no sooner does she come to a stop than she reverses direction, builds up a bit of momentum, and slides back to the other end of the pool, keeping her eyes on the aquarium’s visitors as if to say “See what I can do?” The music box-style background music is the icing on this adorable cake, and surely the scene had everyone who saw it in-person smiling serenely for the rest of the day.

▼ Or at least until they walked past the souvenir shop and saw Katsurahama Aquarium’s terrifying official mascot character.


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Source: IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@sumineko_L
Insert image: Katsurahama Aquarium



Further Proof That Getting Married On A Holiday Is A Terrible Idea

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I HATE cheesy, overdone, glitzy, tacky weddings more than I hate grocery shopping (gag). Both overwhelm me and are a complete sensory overload, which sends me flying into an irrepressible panic attack.

But you know what’s worse than a cheesy, overdone, glitzy, tacky wedding? A cheesy, overdone, glitzy tacky wedding done on a holiday. Ew.

It’s a bit presumptuous to think that we all want to spend our favorite holiday watching you walk down an aisle in a white dress and a flower crown. You’re not that special, honey. You’re getting married. You’re not winning a Pulitzer Prize.

That being said, I’m pretty amused to find out that, according to a new study by economists at the University of Melbourne in Australia, people who have gimmicky Valentine’s Day weddings are actually at a substantially higher risk for divorce.

Couples who celebrated their weddings on Valentine’s day or “special-number dates” (like 1/1/11 — gag) were 18 to 36 percent more likely to divorce than couples who married on regular, non-gimmicky dates.

According to the The Melbourne Institute Report, sweetly titled “Not Your Lucky Day: Romantically and Numerically Special Wedding Date Divorce Risks,” these popular holiday, or lame-number wedding dates, also happen to be FIVE TIMES MORE POPULAR than regular wedding dates.

No wonder the divorce rate is freaking high, huh? The researchers report,

By their fifth anniversaries, eleven percent of Valentine’s Day marriages, ten percent of same-number-date marriages and eight percent of ordinary-date marriages were estimated to fail.

By their ninth anniversaries, 21 percent of Valentine’s Day marriages, 19 percent of same-number-date marriages and 16 percent of ordinary-date marriages were estimated to fail.

Not only are people who get married on “special dates” more likely to get divorced, they’re also “more likely to have been married before” and to already have popped out a few kids.

Authors of the study Dr. Jan Kabátek and Professor David Ribar claim that “it’s not the date itself that increases a couple’s vulnerability but rather what the choice of date reveals about the couple.”

“Couples who marry on ordinary dates may be more strongly influenced by characteristics of their relationships and their compatibility than couples who marry on special dates,” said Ribar.

It’s sort of like those couples who constantly feel the need to post about their love for one another on Instagram. It’s like they’re more concerned with proving to the world that they’re so wildly in love than working on their relationship IRL.

Like, why do you feel the need to make a massive love statement by getting married on Valentine’s Day, babe? What are you trying to prove, sweet bride?

Valentine’s Day is MY special day to have sex all day with bae — not to watch another couple slow dance.

But of course, we all have to make the sacrifice because it’s your big day. And we’ll be excommunicated if we don’t go to your wedding because we chose to go to celebrate the holiday on our own instead. That is a surefire way to be alienated from a straight-girl friend group for life.

Trust me. I’ve made these kinds of mistakes before.

So we bite the bullet, put on an uncomfortable dress and watch you say, “I do,” with gritted teeth, all while dreaming of the cool party we’re missing.

Can’t wait for the divorce party… will it be on New Year’s?

Further Proof That Getting Married On A Holiday Is A Terrible Idea

Credit: Dating – Elite Daily


Guys In Relationships Reveal How They Play Wingman For Their Friends

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I’m a terrible wingman. Like, really bad. I blab too much, and then I start going off about embarrassing things about my friend, which I find totally endearing.

But apparently, other people just find them really weird and probably inappropriate, and before you know it, my friend and I are both looking at a potential restraining orders.

So… don’t take tips from me on how to help get your friend laid.

Who SHOULD you be getting advice from? These five guys below. They’ve molded the act of being a wingman into an art form… even if they have girlfriends.

That usually complicates things, right? I mean, how do you successfully distract the friend of the girl your buddy’s trying to get with if you’re already in a relationship and unable to actually flirt with her?

CAN you actually flirt with her even if you’re in a relationship? Is that OK, or is that evil? (And I don’t just mean evil to your girlfriend. I mean evil to the poor girl you’re leading on for the sole purpose of getting your friend some nookie for the night.)

And if you can’t flirt, what else should you do? Do you just have a regular conversation with her? Do you just work on physically getting her away from your buddy and his prospect? WHAT IS THE PROTOCOL?

Clearly, I’m no expert here. So take some advice from these five guys.


This guy thinks flirting with “non targets” is a safe call:

This guy doesn’t really think flirting is a necessary part of the process:

As long as his girlfriend’s cool with it, this guy’s flirting with randoms and not mentioning his relationship status:

This guy relies on his instincts:

This guy has a pretty simple (and shady AF) rule of thumb:

Guys In Relationships Reveal How They Play Wingman For Their Friends

Credit: Dating – Elite Daily


Amber Rose Says Julianne Hough Body-Shamed Her Booty On ‘DWTS’

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In showbiz, there’s always some kind of drama.

Take model and SlutWalk founder Amber Rose, who’s speaking out against “Dancing With The Stars” judge Julianne Hough for alleged body-shaming.

Hough, on the other hand, says she’s been framed by bad audio editing.

The trouble started with a choreographed salsa routine Rose and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy performed to Jennifer Lopez’s hit “Booty.” The moves were half-salsa, half-twerking, and Hough appeared to be appalled.

After Chmerkovskiy dipped Rose, the camera cut to Hough at the judges’ table.

In a whisper, she mentioned feeling “uncomfortable.”

On her talk show “Loveline,” Rose addressed the moment.

She said,

I did feel body-shamed because all the beautiful professionals dancers that are on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ they dress very sexy and they do splits and they grind up on these guys and they look absolutely stunning and they get a standing ovation…

My body — my hip, my ass, my breasts — made [Hough] feel uncomfortable.

Hough has since clarified that the audio in question was part of a produced media package, meaning her voice was edited over pre-existing footage instead of being recorded at the moment of the dip.

She chalks up the comment to a dance routine that she didn’t feel had much chemistry.

Hough added,

Any kind of body-shaming goes against everything I believe in.

But for Rose, the whole incident has been a chance to talk about the way reality television manipulates its participants.

She told listeners,

They gave me the salsa, and they gave me J. Lo’s ‘Booty’ song… I feel like it was a lose-lose situation.

Chmerkovskiy, for his part, wrote that Rose “killed it” in their routine.

Here’s hoping Hough has a word with her producer about the show’s editing technique. Although, why even watch TV if there’s no drama?

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Amber Rose Says Julianne Hough Body-Shamed Her Booty On ‘DWTS’

Credit: Women – Elite Daily


Report: Anime Industry Up 12% in 2015

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Industry market value estimated at 1.83 trillion yen


The Association of Japanese Animations (AJA) published its “Anime Industry Report 2016,” which examines industry trends from 2015, on Friday.

According to the report, the total market value of the anime industry in 2014 was 1.83 trillion yen (about US$18.1 billion), up about 12% from 2014’s 1.63 trillion yen. This continues the industry’s upward trend; the total market value in 2014 was up 10% from 2013.

Last year, the AJA attributed part of the industry’s success to the sale of streaming rights in China, and in 2013 the report noted an increase in anime-related events and exhibits. This year, the AJA reported a 78.7% rise in the sale of streaming rights in China and a 68.2% growth in the live events field.

The AJA has been publishing annual reports since 2009, when the anime industry was in decline.


More from Anime News Network:



Why We’re All So Afraid Of Herpes, Even Though It’s Actually Not The Worst STD

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Kylie Jenner Says These $5 Wipes Are So Good, They Even Remove Lip Kits

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The clear upside of being a celebrity is the fame, money and crowds of adoring fans who tune into Snapchat just to watch you watch yourself.

The downside, however, is having to constantly put on a show. If you’re a Kardashian or a Jenner, that means putting on about three pounds of makeup, lash extensions and the works on your face every day.

That’s not even including the Kylie Lip Kit, which by all accounts is nearly impossible to take off.

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to the world of glam. She loves a hefty beauty look so much that sister Kendall identified her beauty aesthetic as “more is more,” which is sister-speak for “chill out, girl.”

What goes on must come off, so it follows Kylie needs an industrial-strength makeup remover.

According to a new post on her app, the baby heir to the Kardashian-Jenner family relies on Neutrogena’s Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes for all her pre-bed needs.

She wrote on her app,

When I wear a lot of makeup, it can really be hard to take it all off, so I need something that will do the job, but not irritate my skin.

My go-to cleansing towelettes are from Neutrogena!

No, apparently Kylie has not yet had time to hire a copy editor. She’s too busy taking all her makeup off.

While makeup towelettes are a good pick for getting at least some of that party mascara off your face before sleep, they’re even more effective when paired with a gentle cleanser.

All the cool girls are double-cleansing these days, so it’s a habit worth trying out. Start with a product designed to melt away makeup and grime, and then follow with your normal face wash.

If wipes are your style, try Neutrogena or Yes To. I’ve been trying out Dermalogica’s oil Precleanse after hearing rave reviews from a facialist, and my skin has never been softer.

Pat your face dry, then start in with a simple cleanser like Cetaphil.

Kylie is known for her makeup and fashion influencer status, but I’m here to champion her as a skincare queen, too. We could all do with a little more cleanser in our lives, particularly the wallet-friendly kind.

Kylie Jenner Says These $5 Wipes Are So Good, They Even Remove Lip Kits

Credit: Women – Elite Daily


Wait, Tokyo’s Haneda Airport is home to over three dozen different Pokémon GO species?!?

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It turns out Tokyo’s most convenient airport is also its most awesome for Pokémon Trainers.

If you count both travel and video games among your hobbies, the mobile game boom is pretty cool. As long as you’ve got your smartphone on you, you’ve got access to a huge selection of games to keep yourself entertained during any downtime you might have on your journey.

That said, Pokémon GO doesn’t seem like a very fun game to play while you’re waiting at the airport after checking in for a flight. With so many areas that are off-limits, plus the need to stay nearby for when it’s time to go through security and head to the gate, the limited mobility seems like it would really put a damper on the Pocket Monster-catching fun.

So we were a little skeptical when we heard rumors that Terminal 1 of Haneda Airport, the closest air hub to downtown Tokyo, was a great place for Pokémon GO players. Still, we decided to see for ourselves, so we hopped on the train, rode it to Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station, and fired up the app as soon as we stepped out onto the platform.

So what kind of wonders were waiting for us?


Absolutely nothing. At this point, the whole trip was feeling like a waste of time. Maybe the game’s last update had wiped the area clean of Pokémon, following complaints from the airport management or some other group?

Still, we’d come all the way here, so we figured we’d look around just a bit more. We left the station gates and headed out to the shopping concourse, and when we checked our smartphone screen again, we saw an array of PokéStops!



And we were happy to have them, because we were going to need all the Poké Balls we could get. While the train station is uninhabited, Haneda Airport Terminal 1 itself is home to a ridiculously large variety of Pokémon, and as proof, here’s the list of Pocket Monsters we encountered in just one hour of play:

● Bulbasaur
● Caterpie
● Weedle
● Pidgey
● Rattata
● Raticate
● Spearow
● Ekans
● Sandshrew
● Nidoran (male)
● Nidoran (female)
● Vulpix
● Jigglypuff
● Zubat
● Oddish
● Gloom
● Paras
● Parasect
● Psyduck

Oh, we’re not done with the list. We’re just catching our breath. We also found [deep inhale]:

● Growlithe
● Poliwag
● Abra
● Machop
● Bellsprout
● Tentacool
● Geodude
● Ponyta
● Slowpoke
● Coil
● Dewgong
● Drowzee
● Krabby
● Voltorb
● Exeggcute
● Koffing
● Rhyhorn
● Horsea
● Goldeen
● Staryu
● Scyther
● Magikarp
● Eevee
● Kabuto

That’s a total of 42 different species, and best of all, we encountered all of these Pokémon in the publicly accessible area of the terminal, before the security checkpoint. That means that even if you’re not flying, you can still get in on the Pocket Monster hunting action, and if you are flying out of Haneda, you’ve got more reason than ever to show up early.

Images ©RocketNews24