Flaunt your fandom and sleep in style with these new Gintama pajama sets

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You’ll be comfy and cool from head to toe!

Long-time fans of the samurai/sci-fi anime and manga series Gintama are anxiously awaiting the release of the live-action Gintama movie, set to be released this summer. There are still a few more months until its release, so until then, you may want get cozy while you wait, and what in the world is more comfortable than a cozy pair of pajamas? Looking at these Gintama PJ sets, its hard to think of anything else.

The two-piece pajama sets come in a white “Yorozuya” version and a black “Shinsengumi” version. Both sets come with pajama top and bottoms, cap, and a drawstring storage bag for 8,856 yen (US$79).

▼ The Yorozuya version comes trimmed with cute patterns of Gin’s scooter, strawberry milk drink, Shinpachi’s glasses, and more.

▼ The Shinsengumi version has a fun pattern of bananas, bottles of mayonnaise, eye masks, and badminton rackets.

If you prefer to sleep in a nightgown over pants and a top, the same patterns are available in a one-piece nightgown version as well, complete with nightcap and drawstring bag for the same price.

The pajamas are all made from 100-percent cotton, so they’re sure to be lightweight and comfortable even in the summer months. The two-piece pajamas come in sizes medium and large, where the nightgown is one-size-fits-all.

Don’t forget the accessories! There’s a mesh bag for 2,592 yen, designed to look like Katsura’s pet Amanto, Elizabeth. The bag measures 26 by 36 centimeters (10 by 14 inches) and is machine washable, so you can take it with you on a trip to store your dirty laundry, then simply toss it in the wash when you get home!

Modeled after the Justaway merchandise from the series, these slippers with Justaway face are a super cute way to round off your bedtime wear, for 2,808 yen.

While these pajamas are the perfect thing to wear to your next sleepover or overnight trip, you may also find yourself wanting to wear them to the movie premier too!

Source, images: Bandai Fashion Collection



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Video reminds us that in the anime world absolutely anything can have panties – even fighter jets

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It’s unclear what exactly this new Internet anime series is about, except, of course, panties.

It’s no secret that anime artists liberally sprinkle panty shots throughout their works. Granted, with the medium’s penchant for tossing characters clad in short skirts into action adventure scenarios, sometimes there’s a bit of logic behind it. Heroines pulling off high kicks or backflips are going to occasionally reveal an eyeful of their undies simply because of physics, for instance.

But at other times, the panty flashes are a bit more gratuitous. This brings us to the first Henkei Shojo (“Transformation Girls”) anime teaser, which starts off with a young woman in a sundres standing in the middle of a windswept field of grass. This seems like an obvious panty shot opportunity. A strong gust of wind is coming, and it’s going to lift up that gossamer dress, right?

But no, Henkei Shojo is taking the high road here. All the wind does is blow the straw hat off her head, which prompts a schoolgirl named Haru to shout “Let me take care of it” and leap after it, stretching out her hand in a pose evocative of anime director Mamoru Hosoda’s The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

OK, this must be where the panty shot is coming, right? Maybe she’s going to lose her footing as she comes back down, tumbling into a heap with her backside sticking up in the air as clumsy anime girls are so apt to do, right?

But it turns out that Henkei Shojo isn’t interested in such tired, cliched ways to show the audience panties. Instead, it’s interested in bold, unprecedented ways to show panties.

Just as it seems like the wind is going to carry the hat out of Haru’s reach for good, she transforms into a fighter jet reminiscent of the F-15 Eagle. It’s not a complete transformation, though, as she retains certain aspects of her human form and attire, such as her schoolgirl-standard loafers and the pleats of her skirt. Oh, and of course, figter jet-version Haru still has her striped panties.

Aside from her haunches, the only part of Haru’s human anatomy represented in her post-transformation state is, perhaps not surprisingly at this point, her cleavage.

▼ The logic is puzzling, but at least constant.

The mechanized Haru hits the afterburners and catches up to the errant hat in no time, catching it deftly on the tip of her left wing. However, rather than come back and return the hat it its owner, Haru just keeps flying off into the horizon, making this one of the most complex and confusing thefts ever animated.

▼ This cannot be the easiest way to obtain summer fashion accessories.

Another head-scratcher is just what exactly Henkei Shojo is supposed to be. The above video is the only content currently available, aside from an official website that shows four other characters who presumably transform into ordinarily inanimate objects thoroughly enough to perform said items functions, but not so completely as to conceal their lingerie preferences.

The most likely scenario is that the video is the opening salvo of an aspiring character-driven multi-media franchise of the sort that’s become increasingly common in recent years, with producers no doubt hoping to create enough buzz for a smartphone game, late-night TV anime, and/or mountains of associated merchandise. Whether any or all of that pans out, though, likely depends on the success of the web shorts, which are scheduled to be released at a rate of one a month between through August.

Source: Henkei Shojo official website via Hachima Kiko
Top image: YouTube/DLE Channel
Insert images: YouTube/DLE Channel, Henkei Shojo official website



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MAC’s New Foundation Is Basically An Instagram Filter For Your Skin

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Alicia Keyes, I want to personally thank you for your decision to stop wearing makeup.

Although there has been a ton of speculation out there about whether or not you’re actually wearing BB cream, I believe your choice has started a beauty trend I can finally get behind.

And Alicia Keyes isn’t the only person who’s into the whole “less is more” look.

The trend seems to have stolen the hearts of one of the biggest beauty brands on the market, MAC .

The newest addition to MAC’s permanent makeup line, Next To Nothing Face Colour, will make your skin look like an Instagram filter come to life, #nofilter needed.

Product shot for MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour

MAC Cosmetics

Going on, the sheer liquid foundation feels like a moisturizer, but it stays like a powder without transforming into a thick, cake-like substance, which is one of my biggest problems with most foundations.

You really can’t even feel that it’s there.

It’s also pretty easy to lose yourself in the application because it feels like you’re getting a soothing face massage.

Basically, it’s like giving your soul a bath.

The foundation is so lightweight, you can wear it under makeup or on its own, and the formula is described as having “micro-light boosters,” which is fancy makeup talk for “illuminating.”

My editor and I decided to give it a try on a rainy day in late March to give those light boosters a real challenge, and we were surprised by the results.

We used sponges to apply, although you could just as easily put it on with your hands, like you would with a BB cream. (In fact, since this stuff is so layerable, I can’t wait to use it on top of my BB cream as my actual foundation.)

Overall, we loved how it evened out our skin tone and gave us a nice, subtle, Snapchat-ready glow.

If you have dry skin, or you just hate wearing makeup, the look and feel of Next To Nothing makes it the perfect addition to your beauty routine.

You can pick up your own shade for $31 in stores as well as online on April 6.

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MAC’s New Foundation Is Basically An Instagram Filter For Your Skin

Credit: Women – Elite Daily


More Single Guys Are Buying Cats To Appeal To Women, And It’ll Definitely Work

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This look is inspired by all of my French girlfriends that I visit every few years (my hubby is from France so I’m super lucky that we “have” to go back often!). You will never see a Parisian with a Kardashian-amount of makeup on, but my girlfriends still love makeup! I’m not putting them on a pedestal or saying we should look up to them… at all! I’m just appreciating their style and noticing that they don’t ever want to look overdone or like they put in too much effort. I notice when I’m around them, I tone down my makeup too without realizing I’m doing it! Anyway, let’s break it down, feature by feature!



  1. Apply the tinted moisturizer all over your face and neck using your fingers to blend it in.
  2. Conceal under your eyes.
  3. Sweep the bone eye shadow all over the lid and crease for a single wash of color.
  4. Sneak the liner just on the middle part of the bottom lashline to frame just the eye’s color.
  5. Coat the lashes with mascara.
  6. Finish with the matte lipstick or a lip stain in a bright color.
  7. Blush is optional (Emily’s cheeks were rosy enough that I didn’t need it but I personally would on myself!).



CatZonia is the five-star hotel with impressive amenities for your darling cat

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When you have to go out of town, you won’t feel guilty leaving your furry friend at this establishment.

Owning a cat means we have to take care of another living creature, and that includes figuring out who we can trust to look after our pet when we go away on business or vacation. Just as we wouldn’t leave our human children with anyone, a lot of thought goes into choosing who we trust to give the same amount of tender loving care and attention that we do to our four-legged pal during playtime, grooming and mealtime.

In Malaysia, there’s now a high-class option that promises to give your cat the five-star treatment it deserves.

Called CatZonia, this accommodation for cats prides itself on being the “1st and original 5-star cat hotel”. Cats are notoriously hard to please, so that’s quite the proclamation they’re making!

Their wonderful website contains more detailed information on some of their amenities such as boarding/hotel, spa/grooming and mating services. Unfortunately, at the time of this article, the professional mating service isn’t available yet, but when it is, judging by the rest of their operation, CatZonia might be the place to be for female cats in heat.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

If you’re trying to get a feel for the lodgings, you’ll have to click on the information section for each of the rooms, but the luxury hotel package has space for up to 10 cats with three king beds (cat-king beds?), mini playground, three feedings with special treats, specialized playtime with the staff and, perhaps most importantly, a 24-hour live video feed. This means no matter where you are, you can check in on your cat and make sure they’re having the time of their nine lives.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

This special accommodation (VVIC Room) is available for 99 Malaysian Ringgit (US$22) a night, which seems like an absolute steal, so be sure to book in advance for this kitty hotel. Though being away from our pets can be tough, with service and amenities like these, you might wonder who exactly is the one going on vacation. While you are spoiling your cat, you might want to think about getting it a scarf, or creating a special fur hat. One of these days, they will return your love with a few minutes of affection!

Related: CatZonia website
Source: CatZonia via YouTube/efeinternational
Featured image: Instagram/catzoniamy



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Crazy Kyoto train will have a giant lens motif taking up its entire front end

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Set to go into service next year carrying passengers from downtown Kyoto to Buddhist mountain temples.

When people in Japan hop on a crowded commuter train to go to or from work, it’s not exactly a glamorous experience (though it is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life). But outside of such workaday train trips, riding the rails in Japan can still have a definite dynamically adventurous appeal, especially if you happen to be aboard one of the country’s trains with a highly-developed sense of style.

In the past, we’ve looked at trains with interiors boasting gorgeous hotel rooms, lovely lacquer, traditional foot baths, and even art galleries. But a newly unveiled design from Kyoto-based Eizan Railway is putting the focus on the outside, with what appears to be a giant lens on the front of the lead car.

Eizan Railway operates a pair of lines which both start at Demachi Yanagi Station, in the northeast corner of downtown Kyoto, before later splitting at Takaragaike Station. From there, one line continues on to Yase Hiezanguchi, and the other to Kurama, the stations located at the bases of the mountains Hiezan and Kuramayama, respectively. Both mountains are known for their important Buddhist temples.

▼ Some of Eizan’s more orthodox trains

A simplified map of the Eizan lines, with Demachi Yanagi at the bottom, Kurama at the top left, and Yase Hiezanguchi at the top right, shows that the two mountainous endpoints could be enclosed in an ellipse, which is where the unusual design for new train comes from.

The “lens train,” which has yet to be officially named, is scheduled to go into service in the spring of 2018. Once it does, it’s sure to have fans of both trains and interesting design in general snapping pictures like crazy, though you’ll have to position yourself carefully if you don’t want your own image to show up in that giant, reflective front end.

Source: Eizan Railway via IT Media
Top image: Eizan Railway
Insert images: Eaizan Railway (1, 2)



RocketNews24 is looking for a new writer, and it just might be you!

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Ever wanted to write for RocketNews24? Here’s your chance!

If you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re a fan of RocketNews24 and our regular coverage of intriguing and unusual goings-on in Japan and the rest of Asia. We suppose there’s also a chance that your browser got pointed here by accident when one of your pets ran across your keyboard or started chewing on your smartphone (a possibility we’ll address shortly), but for now, let’s go with the “you’re a fan” theory.

First, we’d like to thank you for visiting RocketNews24. Second, we’d like to invite you to help make it!

We’re currently looking to add a new member to our writing team who can contribute articles to the site on weekends. Specifically, we’re looking for someone who:
● Is enthusiastic about trends, news, and events happening in Japan and Asia
● Writes in English in a professional, lively, and engaging style that goes beyond direct translation
● Speaks and reads Japanese at an advanced level (equivalent to JLPT N2 or better)
● Has experience living or travelling extensively in Japan, plus a good sense of humor
● Possesses a solid knowledge of Internet and social media culture
● Preferably smells great, so that we can continue claiming to be “the Internet’s best-smelling writing team”

If that sounds like you, we’re accepting applications right now! Though we’re based in Tokyo, you don’t need to live in Japan’s capital to apply. You just need to prepare these four things:
1. Your resume, written in English
2. Your resume, written in Japanese
3. An English version of the Japanese RocketNews24 article linked to below, incorporating as much of the original content as you can plus any necessary additions to present the topic in a manner that would be interesting and entertaining for our English readers.
北海道新幹線が開業! さっそく新函館北斗駅に行ってみたらケンシロウが立っててビビった
4. An original English-language article of your own, approximately 400-500 words in length, that you think would be of interest to our readers. The article can be based on an existing news story or your own experiences and observations.

Once you’ve got all those put together, send your documents via e-mail to the following address:
with 「週末英語版ライター募集/Your Name」 as the subject line.

Thanks for your interest in RocketNews24, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Oh, and if it was your pets that got you to this page, give them some snacks and a belly rub for us. Good work, guys!



How To Overcome The Obstacles Of Dating Someone Significantly Older Than You

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They say age is just a number, but whoever said that clearly never dated anyone outside of their age pool.

Whenever it came to dating, I always tried distancing myself from the overall practice.

I guess you could say I had other, more important issues on my mind.

For instance, struggling to pay rent on the basement studio I currently lease was no easy feat.

Then, there was the additional reality of living paycheck to paycheck, while simultaneously striving to accelerate my writing career.

Long story short, the overall notion of dating was absent from the agenda of my daily routine.

Don’t get me wrong. I ultimately wanted companionship. No one wants to go through life alone, unless you prefer it that way, which, in that case: kudos to you.

But I didn’t fall into that category of individuals.

As much as I enjoyed being single, I also didn’t want to end up alone with 10 cats acting as my sole source of companionship.

Eventually, there would come a time when I’d yearn for the company of someone else besides my friends… and the 10 cats I would someday inherit if all else failed.

After all, I am only human, and what good is life if you don’t have someone spectacular to share your experiences with?

That day came sooner than expected for me, in the form of a handsome, charming individual, who didn’t automatically switch the channel when “Girls” came on. This individual, who would later become my longterm boyfriend, also happened to be 13 years my senior.

No biggie, I initially thought.

I never fancied men my own age anyways.

Our significant age difference didn’t necessarily bother me, specifically because the emotional bond we shared was unparalleled to any I had ever experience prior.

In truth, age played an inconsequential factor in our relationship, much like the useless alarm system in my apartment, which my landlord consistently neglected to fix.

Don’t get me wrong.

There were vast differences between my boyfriend and me, especially when it came to entertainment purposes.

While my boyfriend enjoyed old school hip-hop and graphic documentaries, I found solace in Beyoncé and Bravo TV.

Nevertheless, I convinced myself my deficient education regarding Tupac and political documentaries wasn’t exactly a deal breaker.

But as time gradually passed, the reality of our age difference began setting in, particularly when it came time to meet one another’s friends.

Not only was the majority of my boyfriend’s inner circle already married, with a clan of adorable children to call their own, they also had prosperous careers, along with sparkly mortgages and sufficient health insurance to complete the package.

These were all foreign concepts to my friends and me. We worked dissatisfying jobs, acquired a measly salary in return and spent the remainder of our time either glued to a dating app or attached to a barstool, nonchalantly drowning our discontent with the remnants of something potent.

We were the poster children for the millennial generation. Yay to us.

Therefore, it was safe to assume I had nothing in common with my boyfriend’s friends nor anything to discuss that would resonate or prove semi-interesting to them.

I tried conniving myself those details didn’t matter — I was simply overthinking things.

However, no matter how hard I tried pretending it didn’t bother me, I still managed to feel inadequate whenever I was in the presence of his friends.

Perhaps it generated from my own uncertainty regarding my place in life or maybe it was something more.

There was also the contrast regarding our dating experience and how we each viewed relationships.

When we first began dating, the idea of a relationship was a sensitive topic.

His luck with relationships prior to me wasn’t the best, and he therefore wanted something more casual, whereas I wanted something slightly more concrete.

He wanted to go with the flow, and I consistently demanded validation regarding my place in his life.

This continuously caused a great amount of turbulence within the early stages of our relationship.

I could no longer handle remaining in a gray area of uncertainty with him for much longer.

This was why I occasionally brought it up, usually late at night when there were ample amounts of alcohol lingering in my system.

He’s complex, reticent and occasionally temperamental.

Yet despite knowing this, I continued holding on to the fragments of the unconventional bond we shared.

Because at the end of the day, regardless of our age difference, we not only love one another, but we’re also learning from each other as well.

Each day that passes, we discover something new, which not only benefits our relationship, but also the way view the world.

Besides, just think of all the time you’ll save Googling the answer to a question.

Odds are your older SO already knows the answer. I kid, I kid.

But in truth, dating someone significantly older than you doesn’t have to be a big issue unless you make it one.

Yes, there are certain characteristics that prove significant when entering into any relationship. However, age should rank extremely low on that list.

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How To Overcome The Obstacles Of Dating Someone Significantly Older Than You

Credit: Dating – Elite Daily