Captain Phasma figure is the perfect way to get ready for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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trooper 7

Star Wars fans have been blessed recently with a veritable Imperial March of fantastic toys. Many fans dream of possessing the coolest, best action figure out there and Bandai has been making it pretty hard to choose just one. They’ve made the choice a little more difficult with their newest toy now, however, which is modeled on a new character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Move over Fett clones, the troopers have a new captain in town. Fall in line for Captain Phasma.

Although not a whole lot is known about this new addition to the Star Wars Universe, the brief glimpses we have of Captain Phasma from the teaser trailers make it clear that she is quite the badass. How do we know, you ask? Well she’s played by Game of Thrones‘ Gwendoline Christie, has shiny storm trooper armor and has a cool cape…

▼ See? Badass.

trooper 1

trooper 2

Coming in at about six inches, she will stand taller than other Storm Trooper figures in the same Tamashii line. With a fearsome, not to mention wonderfully shiny, blaster rifle no one will be telling this captain that she’s a little short for a storm trooper.

trooper 3

trooper 4

She does of course, also boast classic S.H.Figuarts poseability, meaning that this rendition of Captain Phasma will be leading your First Order troops into any battle situation you can dream up. The only point of contention might be the soft plastic rather than fabric that they used for her cape, but on the plus-side this does ensure that the cape will always be fluttering epically, which you can’t always guarantee with some action figure capes (we are looking at you Superman).

trooper 6

trooper 5

This impressive figure will be available for in-store pre-orders on October 1, but the actual figure won’t be available until February 2016. If you are looking to add this fine-looking figure to your collection than be ready to fork over 5,616 yen (US$46.93), but judging by the pictures, she will be worth every single, shiny yenny.

Source: Toybox
Images: Tamashii/S.H.Figuarts

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Evangelion episode to be shown on giant skyscraper monitors across Japan for 20th anniversary

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EM 4

Japan’s urban landscape is dotted with giant TV monitors mounted on the sides of skyscrapers. Despite what you might expect, though, from watching science fiction anime or young adult-literature-sourced movies depicting dystopian futures, they aren’t constantly broadcasting information about where citizens should evacuate to during the current alien invasion or directives from the Office of the Supreme Leader.

No, usually they’re just devoted to ad loops. But this weekend, public big screens across Japan will be showing something a little more exciting: The entire first episode of anime hit Evangelion.

October 4 marks exactly 20 years since the TV premiere of the industry-changing giant robot/psychological self-examination anime. So to celebrate, this Sunday Neon Genesis Evangelions’s opening episode, “Angel Attack,” will be played on giant monitors in Japan’s largest cities at 6:30 p.m., the same time as it aired on Japanese TV in 1995.

In Tokyo, the episode will be shown on the Alta Vision monitor in Shinjuku and Ikebukuro’s P’Parco TV-chan Vision.

▼ Alta Vision

EM 1

Fans in Osaka can catch the Eva action at Dotonbori Tombori Station S/N, while those in Nagoya can see it on the Kinei Intervision. Khara, the studio in charge of all things Evangleion, also states on its website that “Angel Attack” will be shown at unspecified monitors in Akihabara, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Sendai, and Sapporo, as well as other cities not yet announced.

As an event two decades in the making, we’re sure hard-core fans will be staking out spots on the sidewalk ahead of time, especially since October 4 falls on a Sunday this year instead of a Wednesday like it did in 1995. And even if you’ve seen Evangelion’s first episode on DVD or online enough times to know every line of dialogue by heart, this should be a special chance to share the experience with like-minded anime enthusiasts.

Related: Studio Alta (Alta Vision) website, map
Source: Khara via Hachma Kikou
Top image: Comic Natalie
Insert image: Studio Alta

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Over 20 Museums, Galleries and Zoos in Tokyo are free for today only!

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Today (October 1) is Citizen’s Day in Tokyo, celebrating the independence and welfare of the area’s residents. And what better way to do that than by giving them free access to over 20 of Tokyo’s cultural attractions from museums to art galleries to gardens and even zoos.

Now, considering it’s Citizen’s Day you might be thinking that such a deal is only open to people living in Tokyo, but no! Anyone who can get out here today and today only can get free admission to the following places.

Zoos and Aquariums

Ueno Zoo
Tama Zoological Park
Inokashira Park Zoo
Port of Tokyo Wild Bird Park
Tokyo Sea Life Park

Botanical Parks

Jindai Botanical Gardens
Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome Park Administration
Mukojima-Hyakkaen Gardens

Art and History Museums

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum
Edo-Tokyo Museum (regular exhibits only)
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Musem (garden entrance fee)
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Thematic Exhibitions only)
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo


Hama-rikyu Garden
Rikugien Garden
Kiyosumi Garden
Kyu-Shiba-rikyu Garden
Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Garden
Kyu-Furukawa Garden
Koshikawa Korakuen Garden
Tonogayato Garden

Again, these 21 places listed above are not only offering free admission to Tokyo citizens but to people from everywhere. So, if you’re in one of the neighboring prefectures like Saitama feel free to hop a train in and take advantage of these deals. And even if you just happen to be visiting from abroad, today is your lucky day!

There are also other locations around Tokyo celebrating Citizens Day with special deals such as the Arakawa Amusement Park giving general admission for free. Asakusa’s Hanayashiki is even giving some limited free admission to special Tokyo-based work or study groups.

So if you’re planning to do anything in Tokyo today, check and see if you can get a Citizen’s Day deal too!

▼ “Citizen’s Day, October First Ueno Zoo is open with free admission! Of course we offer free admission to non-residents too!”

▼ “October First is Citizen’s Day, so admission is free. Also check for more events this month!”

▼ “October First is Citizen’s Day. Everyone, citizen or not, can get free admission! Please come to our garden.”

Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Government [1], [2] Twitter/@UenoZooGardens, Arakawa Amusement Park, Hanayashiki
Original Article by Meg Sawaii

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Beautiful boys abound! Tokyo university introduces “Mister Bishoujo” contestants, polls now open

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The internet can’t seem to get enough beautiful boys and handsome girls. Not that we’re complaining; there’s something strangely mesmerizing about people who can pull off looking like the opposite gender so well that no one can tell the difference. Plus, what’s not to like about someone just being who they are and looking good while doing it?

Well, Tokyo Institute of Technology (東工大/Toukoudai or TIT… okay, get your giggles out now!) seems to feel the same way, because, alongside their Miss Toukoudai Contest they’re having a Mister Bishoujo Contest—bishoujo being the Japanese word for “beautiful young girl”—allowing voters to pick their favorite Mr. Beautiful!

Join us after the jump to check out the contestants!

On September 27, after introducing each candidate with a sneak peek, the TIT contest page on Twitter announced they would begin the pre-contest voting.

“Tomorrow, we will begin preliminary voting for the Mister Bishoujo Contest!
Entry No.1: Akari
Entry No.2: Illu Mina
Entry No.3: Asagiri
Entry No.4: Haruka
Who will you vote for?
Also, tomorrow we will release photos of their faces~~
Keep an eye out for it!”

Over the previous week, they had introduced the candidates one by one, giving teaser photos without fully revealing their faces.

“I’m Akari, contestant No.1. (^o^)
I’m a high school freshman, 16 years old.♪( ´▽`)
I play the trumpet in my school’s wind instrument club!
My first love is my childhood friend Ko-chan, who’s two years older than me (*´ο`*) I can’t bring myself to confess though…”

“I’m Illu Mina, contestant No.2! I’m a 3rd-year high schooler! A senior☆ I’m in the middle of studying for my exams, but I’m having a tough time with math… That’s why I’m getting help every week from tutors at TIT (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))”

“My name is Asagiri, I’m contestant No.3. I’m 28 years old. At night I work at a bar on the outskirts of town. At my performance in October, you can see me in my work clothes—traditional Japanese wear.”

“Contestant No.4
Name: Haruka
Age: 24
Usual activities, obsessions: I’ve been touring the country as a member of TIT48, doing TV performances, concerts, and events. Recently, in my private life, I’ve been into going alone on trips of self discovery.”

On the 28, they finally revealed the faces of the four candidates!

▼ From left to right: Akari, Illu Mina, Asagiri, Haruka. What a lovely bunch!


Image: Koudaisai homepage

They’ve also opened up the polls for pre-contest online voting. And, it appears it’s open to EVERYONE! So if you feel so inclined, go ahead and pick your favorite contestant at the voting page here. It is all in Japanese, but it’s simple enough to get through, so just follow our quick guide below.



Who will you vote for?

Source: Twitter/ @titech_contest via Hamustaa Sokuhou
Top image: Twitter/ @titech_contest (1, 2)

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Commitment-Phobe: 7 Signs He’s Terrified Of Being In A Relationship

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There are two types of people: Those who love to date, and those who prefer to keep their options open.

The former loves the feeling of togetherness and can’t wait to walk down the aisle, buy an expensive cake and treat 200 people to dinner in order to cement their love.

The latter on the other hand, holds the belief that something better is always around the corner. These men seldom let any relationships get serious. They assume every girl they date will inevitably fall in love and want to marry them.

Ironically and rather annoyingly, many women are attracted to men with commitment issues (because let’s be honest, we always want what we can’t have).

The truth is, no matter how witty, sexy or incredibly good in bed you are, it’s unlikely you’ll ever cure him of his commitment-phobic ways. Not because it’s some incurable disease, but because these men are on a timer, which will go off when they’re ready to settle down.

Think of it like playing “pass the parcel” with 100 other girls. The music might stop on you, or it might not. All you can do is take part and hope for the best.

Instead of trying to seduce him into a relationship with you, it’s probably best you don’t invest all your emotions. Just assume if he gets over his fear of dating, he’ll let you know.

Of course, in order to do so, it’s best to know what you’re looking out for:

1. Sending mixed signals is his speciality.

Sometimes he likes you, other times he seems unaware you exist. Perhaps he’s playing it cool, he’s busy or it could be the mixed signals are just code for “he’s not that interested in you.”

It’s best not to take it too personally. After years of casual dating, he has probably mastered showing just the right amount of interest to keep you around.

2. Sex is his other speciality.

Of course he knows what he’s doing in the bedroom. He’s had a lot of practice, after all.

Most of his relationships revolve around sex.

3. He goes from hot to cold faster than your morning coffee.

He likes you. So every now and then, without meaning to, he acts like a boyfriend would.

Then, he remembers he’s not ready to commit yet, so he overcompensates by ignoring you for a few days.

All this is just so you get the wrong idea and fall in love with him.

4. All your dates are last minute, or spur of the moment.

If he remembers you at 10 pm on a Friday night, it’s because all of his better plans fell through.

Remember: A girlfriend is someone you plan adventures with. A girl you’re “casually seeing” is someone you fit around your other (more important) arrangements.

5. Most of your dates involve his bedroom.

Taking you on actual dates is a lot of effort for someone who really isn’t that committed.

6. You have never met his parents. In fact, you wonder if they exist.

His parents are off-limits.

There will be no cute Sunday dinners at his house, nor will there be afternoon cups of tea with his mom.

This is not because he’s afraid his parents might like you too much. It’s because he’s afraid you’ll read into this and assume he likes you more than he actually does.

7. The word “relationship” is not in his vocabulary.

Don’t bother asking where this is going. You’ll probably just scare him off.

If you’re wondering why you’ve never spoken about “where you stand” or “if you’re exclusive,” I assure you, it’s not because he’s waiting for you to bring it up. He’s avoiding the conversation like Martha Stewart avoids her taxes.

Just remember, life is not an Oasis song. You’re probably not going to be the one who saves him.

Sure, he might realize you’re different from every other girl he’s met before. He might decide to give up his anti-relationship beliefs and give monogamy a try. Or, he might waste two years of your life.

Really, there’s only one way to find out.

Commitment-Phobe: 7 Signs He’s Terrified Of Being In A Relationship

Credit: Elite Daily » Dating


Japanese restaurant makes awesome anime and game character pancake art, takes requests 【Videos】

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PA 0

Even if you’re not ordinarily a very artistic person, we bet you get a spark of inspiration when you’ve got a pancake on your plate. Who hasn’t drawn a doodle or sketched a smiley face in maple syrup, or at least initialed their flapjacks with the sticky, tasty condiment?

After all, tasty as they may be, pancakes look pretty dull if you don’t add any decoration…unless you’re dining at this restaurant in Japan where the pancakes come pre-decorated with images of Pikachu, Mario, and dozens of other anime and video game characters.

La Ricetta is an Italian restaurant located in the city of Zama in Kanagawa, the prefecture bordering Tokyo to the south. For the most part, La Ricetta seems to be committed to preparing classic Italian dishes in the traditional way, so it’s a little surprising to see pancakes on the menu.

But these aren’t just any pancakes, but pancake art.

The restaurant’s Twitter account is packed with pictures of its carbohydrate creations. And if you’re impressed by the time-lapse photo series, like these for Nintendo’s Mario and Darth Vader

…wait until you see the videos of the chef in action!

Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online

▼ “It’s a-me, Pancake Mario!”

▼ Many would argue this is a more satisfying portrayal of the birth of Vader than the Star Wars prequels.

As a matter of fact, the chef’s artistic talent is only matched by his versatility. Take a look at just a sample of the characters who’ve been immortalized as pancakes (at least until the customers ate them).

▼ We spot Snoopy, multiple You-Kai Watch spirits, Pokémon’s Team Rocket, Gundam’s Char Aznable, Creamy Mami, Garfield, Danmachi’s Hestia, and Dragon Ball’s Goku and Kame-sennin.

PA 1

The inclusion of Hesita should serve as a hint that La Ricetta’s pancake art isn’t limited to just characters who are popular in the mainstream. Joining the string-sporting goddess are such otaku and fujoshi favorites as the star of Himouto! Umaru-chan

…and characters from samurai-swords-as-pretty-boys extravaganza Touken Rambu.

Oh, and if you’re more into realistic animals than fictional characters, La Ricetta is happy to oblige.

But with so many characters being cooked up, can you be sure you’ll be served one you like? Worry not, because the restaurant’s pancake art is only available by making a reservation at least a day in advance, at which time you’ll be asked what character you’d like to request the chef use as the subject of your pancake art. While it’s unclear just how much English the staff speaks, the restaurant itself seems very welcoming of foreign customers, judging from the extensive amount of English used on the top page of its website.

At 800 yen (US$6.70), it’s not the cheapest pancake you’ll ever have, but it just might be the coolest, and it does come with a scoop of gelato on the side. Oh, by the way, that 800 yen is only if you’re a grown-up, since pancake art is free for kids eating at the restaurant.

As a matter of fact, La Ricetta is so generous about spreading pancake art that it occasionally even holds classes in which it teaches students how to make their own. But if you’d rather leave that in the chef’s very capable hands, we doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Restaurant information
La Ricetta /ラ・リチェッタ
Address: Kanagawa-ken, Zama-shi, Sobudai 1-6063-1
Open Tuesday-Sunday 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m., 5:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.

Related: La Ricetta Twitter
Source: Artist Database
Top image: Twitter/@LaRicetta99 (1, 2, 3, 4) (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert image: Twitter/@LaRicetta99

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Japanese gamers’ heads explode as they learn Super Mario’s Goombas are mushrooms, not chestnuts

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goomba mushrooms tup

Japan may love Mario, but they have a couple wrong ideas about the series. For example, did you know that in the Japanese versions of Mario, Goombas are called “kuribo,” which translates to “chestnut guy?” For three decades now, it has been widely believed in Japan that the Goombas are, indeed, chestnuts.

Until now. Thanks to the official Nintendo Line Messenger bot, Japanese netizens have learned the shocking truth about Mario’s oldest enemy: they’re not chestnuts, they’re shiitake mushrooms!

Read on and see for yourself the aftermath that shocked Japanese gamers all over the internet.

Recently, Nintendo released an automated bot to respond to messages people send via the popular Japanese smartphone messaging system Line. The idea is that users are talking to one of the game’s mushroom-headed Toads, and he’ll respond to pretty much anything you say.

One Japanese Twitter user discovered that if you just start throwing Toad a bunch of Nintendo character names, he’ll tell you what he thinks about them. Little did the Twitter user know what was in store… (translation below):

Q: Mario.
A: Our hero!
Q: Peach.
A: Always beautiful and smells nice.
Q: Koopa.
A: Scary. *shiver shiver*
Q: Boo.
A: I heard he won last year’s red light/green light national championship.
Q: Luigi.
A: The little brother and green friend.
Q: Toad.
A: The one with the red spots. He’s not me, but he’s my friend, so don’t get us mixed up!
Q: Yoshi.
A: Our green friend. He let me ride him the other day.

…and here’s the big one:

Q: Goomba.
A: They’re not actually chestnuts. They’re shiitake mushrooms!

▼ Mind blown mushroomed.

img_2580_1000px© RocketNews24

Of course this isn’t news to anyone who subscribed to the “Ask the President” column on the official Japanese Nintendo website, during which the late president of the company Satori Iwata and general manager of development Takashi Tezuka discussed this exact question some time ago. Here’s a translation of their conversation:

Iwata: “By the way, is it an accident that Goombas look a lot like mushrooms?”
Tezuka: “Oh, they’re actually based on shiitake mushrooms.”
Iwata: “What? Shiitake mushrooms? (Laughs) They’re not chestnuts?”
Tezuka: “That’s right.”
Iwata: “…This is quite a shock. I didn’t even know this (laughs).”

Of course when you think about it, very few of the Mario enemies’ names make sense to begin with. But still, for Japanese netizens who grew up thinking they were stomping on chestnut people this whole time, it was like learning that the “Super Mario Brothers” were actually just similar-looking neighbors. Here’s some of their reactions:

“All these years. I had no idea.”
“Well, I guess they do live in the Mushroom Kingdom, so it makes sense.”
“No way! Next thing they’ll tell us is that Princess Peach isn’t actually a peach!”

We may have some bad news for that last guy….

Source: Twitter/@dokasu127 via Hachima Kikou, Official Nintendo Japan
Featured/top image: Flickr/Alpha (Edited by RocketNews24)

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