Japan’s new “sex tent” targets campers who’re more than friends, not yet lovers

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The H Tent leaves open the possibility of mating with your tentmates.

In Japanese, the letter H is used as a shorthand for sex, sexy, or perverted, stemming from it being the first letter of the word hentai (literally “deviant”). So when Japanese camping goods company Doppelganger Outdoor announced that its newest product is called the H Tent, more than a few people in Japan started giggling.

But let’s be mature here. The H Tent gets its name, clearly, from the fact that it’s shaped like the letter H. That said, Doppelganger (which also makes the one-person Gap Tent and four-person Crazy X) does seem to support the idea that eventually you and your tentmate might be headed towards mating in the tent, since it says the accommodations are just right for people who are more than friends, but not yet lovers.

The uniquely shaped tent consists of two 2.6-meter (8.5-foot) sleeping compartments with a connecting passage running between them.

That central area can be used as a common eating or socializing spot, or for storing your belongings. It also functions, though, as a portal for furtive, longing glances, outstretched hands, and whatever may happen next.

The H Tent (which is available here from Amazon Japan for 19,580 yen [US$175]) comes packed inside a carrying bag with straps you can throw over a shoulder, or carry in tandem with your fellow occupant to help promote a feeling of cooperative intimacy as you set the structure up together.

And while almost-couples seem to be the target market, Doppelganger also recommends the H Tent for platonic pals who want to be able to hang out together, but would still like a buffer space between themselves and the snoring, nocturnal flailing, or nighttime body heat of their companions.

▼ If this still feels awkward, you could always insist on sleeping with your heads pointing in opposite directions.

The company even says the H Tent is a viable choice for single campers who can use the second sleeping area for laying out their gear.

It’s worth noting that since the Japanese word for “one person” is hitori, staying in the H Tent by yourself technically makes it a hitori H Tent. Coincidentally, “hitori H” is the Japanese slang term for “masturbation,” but considering how much innuendo the H Tent’s product name already carries, this second layer of wordplay probably won’t affect sales one way or the other.

Source: Doppelganger Outdoor via IT Media
Images: Doppelganger Outdoor