How dirty is your mind? Find out with this innocent picture of a Japanese bunny

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This bunny may need to wash your mind, it’s been in the gutter too long.

Ambiguous pictures, kind of like optical illusions, can tell us a lot about ourselves. Whatever we see first may say something about our state of mind, whether it’s an ink blot turning into your mother to reveal a fear of becoming what raised you, or if you see a certain dress as blue, gold, or boy’s love.

Or, as it turns out, a children’s picture of a bunny washing its hands.

We won’t say any more, so go ahead and take a look at this picture as originally Tweeted by @yoshi_10pa.

“Since I have a dirty mind, all I can see is…”
(Can you see it? If not, scroll down to finish the translation.)






“…a bunny spreading its legs and washing its genitals.”

Did you see it? If not, scroll back up and take another look. The rim of the sink is the same color as the bunny’s face, making it look like his legs. That, combined with the bubbles in an unfortunate spot, lets us end up with an unintentionally hilarious ambiguous image.

Japanese netizens had a lot to say about this brazen bunny:

“Wow, I’m more pure than I thought. I couldn’t see it at all at first!”
“And now I can’t see it as anything else.”
“Yep, just as dirty-minded as I expected.”
“If only they’d made the sink a slightly different color….”
“I mean, its just as important an area to wash as your hands, so it’s still solid advice.”

How did you do? Did you pass the purity test, or fail with flying colors? If you’re looking for a second round to try and redeem yourself, then see if you can figure out what this mysterious lucky bag item is used for.

Source: Twitter/@yoshi_10pa via Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@yoshi_10pa