Cosplay in the bedroom with Japanese lingerie sets featuring fox, panda and bondage dog designs

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And if you’re looking for even more variety, there are nine extra animals to choose from.

If you’ve ever wanted to fulfil fantasy lingerie goals in the bedroom, Japan has a collection to make your wildest fantasies come true. From anime-inspired designs to chess-set collections and zodiac-sign lingerie, there’s no end to the creative choices on offer here, but for many people, it’s the call of the wild that gets them very time, as animal-inspired outfits have proven to be popular time and time again.

Now there’s a new lineup of animal sets vying for your attention, with a total of 12 designs in the collection. Sweetly called SugarPet, this range of underwear is more like cosplay for the bedroom, with a number of cute accessories to help you get into the character of your spirit animal.

First up, there are four designs which have just been released: the panda, the fox, the leopard and the bear.

One of the things that sets this lingerie collection apart from the others is the fact that each set uses furry material to replicate the feel of patting an animal when you touch it.

The black-and-white panda set pays homage to its home country of China with a gold-and-red choker and traditional knotted buttons in gold on the choker and top. There’s also a pair of furry wrist cuffs and a pair of fluffy black panda ears to complete the look.

The cute little white panda tail is clipped on to the back of the pants, but because it’s detachable you can use it with other items in your wardrobe too.

Next up is the fox, an animal that plays an important role in Japanese folklore. Often worshipped as kami, or gods, foxes are portrayed as mystical beings and faithful guardians in Japan, and are believed to have the power to ward off evil.

▼ Foxes are known to be playful as well!

This set contains a fox-ear headband, a furry choker and wrist cuffs, and a furry bra and pants with string ties.

▼ And the pièce de résistance: a big, bushy fox tail.

Next up we have the leopard set, which spices things up with a crossover peekaboo top and a distinctive leopard-print pattern on the ears, bra, pants and tail.

▼ If you’re looking to growl like a bear, then this six-piece bear set is for you.

This furry underwear is complimented with a red velvet ribbon and choker, along with cuffs, ears, and of course – a little tail.

The above four lingerie sets are the latest in a series from Sugarpet, which started off with an initial range of nine designs, including the Black Bunny…

▼ …The Black Cat…

▼ …The Strawberry Bunny…

▼ …The Silver Wolf…

▼ …The Dalmation…

▼ …The Milk Cat…

▼ …The Milk Bunny…

▼ …And the Bondage Dog…

With 12 designs in the complete range, there’s bound to be an animal to suit you. Retailing for the very reasonable price of 3,229 yen (US$29.10) each, the entire collection is currently available to purchase from Village Vanguard, where you can pick up up some sexy tuxedo bunny lingerie too.

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