Japanese man’s wife keeps finding his porn stashes, sending him anime illustrations in response

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Loses sexy schoolgirl DVD, gains a piece of hand-drawn artwork.

In Japan, there’s a social phenomenon called tanshin funin (literally “solo posting”) in which a married person, almost always a man, lives separately from his family for an extended period of time because of his job. While that might seem unthinkable in many societies, uprooting the entire family and moving to a new town can often be extremely problematic in Japan.

Houses are exorbitantly expensive, and even renting an apartment often requires thousands of dollars’ worth of fees be paid up-front. Schools often have proprietary entrance exams, and so transferring the kids into a new educational institution is so easy matter either. And to top it all off, some large Japanese corporations periodically transfer employees to new offices just to shake things up, so even if the family does follow the husband to his new position, they might have to do it all over again in just a year or two.

So often the wife and children stay in the family’s permanent home while the husband moves into a one-person apartment or dormitory (often paid for, at least partially, by the company). That’s the situation Japanese Twitter user @terajun6966 currently finds himself in, and being away from home, obviously, means he’s not in a position to help out with the housework。So he recently asked his wife to clean up his private-use room in their home, but, when looking under @terajun6966’s desk, his wife found more than just dust bunnies.

After he made his cleaning request, @terajun6966 received a photo from his wife, in which can be seen a skillful illustration she drew. Also visible: a schoolgirl-themed porno DVD from adult video distributor (as well as friend to cosplayers and the environment) Soft on Demand. While it looks like he’s more into the aesthetics than actual teenage girls (one of the actresses on the cover, Madoka Kikuhara, didn’t make her professional debut until she was 20), the cover makes no bones about the disc’s sexy content, as it promises “jiggly boobs❤.”

The note from @terajun6966’s wife reads:

“Found this under your desk. I’ll just crack it in half and throw it away for you.”

While this would be a shocking development for many men, it seems like @terajun6966 should have seen this coming, since a similar incident occurred way back in 2012 when his wife discovered a flash memory drive filled with erotic CG images hidden in one of his shirts.

That time, the note said:

“I was shaking out the laundry, and this fell out of one of your dress shirts. I guess I don’t really mind? Yeah, I guess.”

In light of this, it seems that @terajun6966 either has a terrible memory, or, given the fact that she keeps going to the trouble to draw anime-style illustrations to accompany her chidings, that he and his wife have some sort of understanding about his penchant for pornography

Source, featured image: Twitter/@terajun6966