Marine creature-themed tea bags transform teapots into aromatic oceans

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Available online, these will turn your tea sessions into lessons on marine biology.

Japanese tea bag maker Ocean-Teabag has been making waves by creating little parcels of aroma in the shape of marine animals. Luckily for us, their wide range of tea bags are available at online Japanese novetly retailer Village Vanguard, maker of such fine products as Space Tea and cat-shaped kitchen utensils.

Ocean-Teabag’s earliest designs included beautiful dolphin tea bags filled with blue mallow tea leaves. Steeping them turns your otherwise normal pot of water into a tranquil ocean.

Proving to be a hit among tea lovers, Ocean-Teabag expanded their repertoire to many other sea creatures including the sea turtle (butterfly pea jasmine tea)…

▼ …the distinctive ocean sunfish (Japanese hojicha — roasted green tea)…

▼ …the graceful manta ray (tropical mango tea)…

▼ …and even a blood-thirsty shark (blended herb tea).

The newest addition to their robust series of marine creatures is a tea bag shaped like an innocuous sea cucumber. This little parcel is filled with jasmine tea, as well as a smidgen of sea cucumber powder to lend some authenticity. Ocean-Teabag warns that some people who have a sensitive tongue may find it tasting a little fishy.

The company also crafted a deep sea series that will satisfy even the most adventurous of tea drinkers out there. A few such examples are the anglerfish (earl grey tea)…

▼ …the creepy giant isopod (Eastern Beauty oolong tea)…

▼ …the horseshoe crab (white apricot tea)…

…and lastly the king of them all, the enormous giant oarfish. Just like its namesake, it measures a whopping 19 centimeters (7.5 inches). Drinking tea becomes an art when half of your tea bag hangs out of your cup.

▼ Delicious Assam tea of epic proportions

All of these and even more intricately-designed tea bags are available online at Village Vanguard.

While the notion of turning your cup of tea into fish-inhabiting waters is not new, these tea bags will hopefully conjure up images of gentle ocean waves in your mind. Or if you prefer something more exotic, you could always drink tea designed to taste like a busty anime girl’s sweat.

Source: Ocean-Teabag via Village Vanguard and PR Times (1, 2)
Images: Village Vanguard, PR Times