Stocking Day: Japanese cosplayers, dolls, and artists celebrate the beauty of the hose【Photos】

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Opaque, sheer, wet or covering the whole body, we take a look at the stocking-wearing women who came out to celebrate the day.

From Maid’s Day to Mayonnaise Day, Japan has a host of special “days” born from month/day combinations that have similar pronunciations to well-known products, activities or events. But there are plenty of international days included on the calendar to help us remember the little things in life too, and one of those is Stocking Day, celebrated on May 15 to mark the day that DuPont sold the first batch of nylon pantyhose in America back in 1940.

People across Japan celebrated the event with the hashtag #ストッキングの日 (#StockingDay) on social media, and we got to enjoy some beautiful photos that appeared online in honour of the humble hose.

Cosplayers were quick to join in the celebrations, pairing stockings with bunny ears…

Short-skirted school uniforms…

And well-known costumes, like this one styled on Street Fighter’s Chun-Li.

This cosplayer donned the purple hair and cinched skirt of Hotaru from anime Dagashi Kashi, while showing off her stockings at the same time.

One of our favourite cosplayers, Ayato Nikukyu, who regularly models for whacky clothing manufacturer Bibi Lab, also gave us a peek at her stockinged pins in celebration of the day.

▼ There were opaque stockings…

▼ Sheer stockings…

▼ Fishnets…

▼ Stockings with garter belts…

▼ And even full-body stockings.

A number of good-looking dolls also got dressed up for the occasion.

While artists showed off their skills with some racy illustrations.

One of the most popular styles on the day, though, was the wet hose look.

The creator of Japanese fetish brand Moira Design is particularly fond of the shiny, irresistible appeal of combining stockings with water.

Even though Japan’s Stocking Day is officially over for the year, the power of the hose is proving to be strong, with people still posting pictures online, even a week after the event. To join in the fun, head over to Twitter or Instagram and share the love for nylon-covered pins with the hashtag #ストッキングの日.

Source: Twitter
Featured image: Twitter/@hozakishachi