Cover your eyes! Japanese girls do the “Party Monster” dance, make us blush (NSFW) 【Video】

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Picture this: you’re a Japanese high school girl. Apart from classes and schoolmate drama, there’s really not a lot exciting going on. You’re too young to drink, and you’re probably under pressure from your parents to do well in exams. So how can you blow off some steam?

Well, you could record yourself and your friends doing explicit moves to an American EDM group’s song “Party Monster” and upload it to the internet.  Check out this compilation vid, as long as you’re not at work!

The trend of the “Party Monster” dance came about after US EDM group Krewella, composed of sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf released their video for the song onto YouTube a year ago. Curiously, the music video itself doesn’t feature any sexy dancing whatsoever, so where Japan’s schoolgirls came up with these moves is anyone’s guess.

The dance tends to consist of repetitions of the following few moves, which we’ll try to come up with cute euphemistic names for.

First, there’s the “move forward butt butt” where you butt your hips against the buttocks of your fellow dancer, as if trying to encourage them to scooch forward while you’re in line at Starbucks.

▼ “Hurry it along there, lady! Gotta get my salted caramel latte fix!”

Then, there’s the “sticky gum pull” where you pretend to tug on some gum that’s fallen on the crotch of your jeans with linked fists.

▼ “I can’t believe we ALL got gum on our skirts today! What are the odds?!”

Then, there’s… oh, wait, that’s pretty much it!

Watch the video below!

While risqué trends with overseas origins such as these are popular amongst young girls in Japan, they’re usually tongue-in-cheek and performed for purposes of cutesiness rather than as displays of overt sexuality. A while back there was a trend for girls to take purikura photos while pursing their lips between two fingers, which over time became a common “kawaii” pose, with its, um, original meaning forgotten.

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Popular cute purikura poses. The second from left at the top is the “ura peace” pose, as described above. The third from left is the British way of saying “up yours!” Totally adorable, and not at all offensive! :P

What do you think of the video and the girls’ dance moves? Is it cute, or a little too naughty?

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