Adorable wool felt fails show crafting isn’t as easy as it looks 【Photos】

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Proof that the cute animals on the packs don’t always turn out as expected.

Over the years we’ve seen some amazing felt art creatures that look so realistic you’d swear they move every time you looked away. The incredible results that can be achieved with just some balls of wool has crafters around the country trying their hand at recreating some of the masterpieces, and cheap kits from the country’s 100-yen stores are making the craft easily accessible to everyone.

Still, instructions and materials can only take you so far, as these online crafters show, with hilarious results that are strangely cute and terrifying.

▼ The flood of felting fails began when this image was posted by Twitter user @hinalifelt online.

Not so much a fail as a half-complete masterpiece, @hinalifelt’s tiger head looks far more realistic than the character image on 100-yen kit it came from. An accomplished felt artist, @hinalifelt simply ran out of materials after working on the head, which resulted in a mismatched body that made it look so hilarious it’s earned her over 100,000 likes and retweets.

In response, other felting fanatics brought their own creations out for the world to see.

▼ From cats…

▼ To alpacas…

▼ Pigs…

▼ To squirrels…

▼ And whatever this is…

The felt marvels are all still strangely adorable, despite their flaws. Except when cute frogs get mad…then there’s nothing but green carnage.

After seeing some of the results that can come out of these affordable wool felt kits, we’re strangely keen to try it out for ourselves. Whether we’ll be able to improve on our own felting fail from 2013 though, is another story!

Source: Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@riotinn