18 Tweets For National Orgasm Day That'll Make You Wish You Were At Home “Celebrating”

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Wondering what day it is today? Yes, obviously, it's Monday. Yes, it's clearly the last day of July. And yes, it's JK Rowling's, Harry Potter's, and Mark Cuban's birthday.

But most importantly, today is National Orgasm Day. Because, yes, there is a holiday for literally everything these days — specifically, a holiday that has the internet exploding with jokes.

In the event you haven't heard anything about the joyous holiday already, please allow the good people of Twitter to humor you with some freaking hilarious commentary on National Orgasm Day.

Obviously, this holiday merits a day off.

Sherlock Holmes even got his own joke in!

Jesus jokes weren't even off limits.

Shots fired at this dude!!

This guy is getting in the spirit, just like he would any other holiday.

I mean, it's basically the same thing as National Donut Day, right?

Boom! We got our first cum joke!

Someone call DJ Khaled because we got ANOTHA ONE.

Aaaand again.

Oh! Looks like we've got ANOTHER.

These jokes just keep coming… ha, get it?

Yes, Kayleigh, yes it is.

Honestly, this is a fair question.

This guy got a little too into the spirit for the workplace.

It was only a matter of time before someone made a faking it joke.

There's only one way to respond when someone asks you if you know what day it is.

This one's just a classic.

Finally, someone brought it home with a 69 joke.

So happy National Orgasm Day, everybody! Here's to hoping you celebrate in style — whether you take matters into your own hands or you turn to a trusted partner to help you out with the cause.

No matter how you celebrate, I hope you COME out and really grab today by the balls. Maybe even COME out and celebrate 69 whole times!

I'm sorry, guys, I would stop with the joke, but I just can't keep them from coming.

Lol. Oh, man, I really crack myself up.

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18 Tweets For National Orgasm Day That'll Make You Wish You Were At Home “Celebrating”

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