This Woman Dressed Up As An Unsolicited Dick Pic, Is The Hero We Don't Deserve

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Now, I love a good theme party just as much as the next guy. OK, just kidding. That was a lie.

I actually love a good themed party MUCH, MUCH more than the next guy. Here's me at a wig-themed party just this past weekend:

I truly do love a good themed party more than anything, and my extensive experience in attending them has really made me appreciate a good costume. Consider me a connoisseur, if you will.

It's difficult to impress me costume-wise, but I must say, when Australian writer Clementine Ford tweeted a picture of what her friend Amy wore to an “internet”-themed party, I was very impressed.

I mean, check out Amy's incredibly creative, relatable (for women, at least), and brilliant costume for yourself:

Yep, Amy literally dressed up as an unsolicited dick pic, complete with shaft hat and the awkward iMessage exchange that reads as follows:

Sender: Hey

Sender: Fancy a fuck?

Recipient: No I do not

Sender: Would be fun

Sender: 😉

Sender: I took another pic for you

Does this conversation sound strangely familiar to you? THOUGHT SO because, well, WHAT COULD BE MORE “INTERNET” THAN THAT EXCHANGE? And because, well, women are always getting unsolicited dick pics.

Of course, once the pic went viral on Twitter, there were some haters who shaded Clementine's tweet:

But they were quickly shut down with some major authority:

Someone even responded with another dick pic joke:

The costume even acted as a sort of PSA for other dudes:

But mostly, people just loved it:

Amy truly is a hero:

Most of the time, unsolicited dick pics aren't funny at all. They're mostly just a disgusting and largely unwelcome part of most millennial women's lives. Like global warming and foot fungus from the nail salon, they seem to be something men expect us to just deal with and accept as a natural part of life — which, obviously, they are not.

Do you have a weird dick pic story? Do you have a friend who dressed up as a dick pic also?! Whatever the case, comment your reactions below!

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This Woman Dressed Up As An Unsolicited Dick Pic, Is The Hero We Don't Deserve

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